Documents Required

You are required to bring the following documents when meet up with our financial advisors

All borrower information will be kept confidential and will not be reveal to anyone

Personal Loans

We provide Personal Loan facilities to all Malaysians citizen

Your loan application will be approved approximately 1 hour time if you meet our loan terms and conditions requirement

Our experienced financial advisers will assist you to resolve your financial problem

Our privileges compare to other companies

Easy Loan Approval You loan will be approve if all your documents meet our loan's terms and conditions, please refer to Documents Required Section

Non Guarantor & Collateral We do not need any guarantor or collateral items if your loan application are not exceed the limit

Flexible Repayment The amount of payment will be determined according to your ability, you are required to pay according to the schedule

Higher Loan & Low Interest We provide a higher amount of loan and lower monthly interest rate compare to the other companies

Blacklisted Eligible To Apply Blacklisted from CTOS or CCRIX eligible to apply our loan, approval depend on our loan's terms and conditins